LionPAC is Columbia University’s pro-Israel public affairs committee, working to educate the campus community about the importance of the America-Israel relationship.

We value the importance and believe in the merit of our political system. Our current Congress, whose staunch support for Israel has become more important than ever, is a clear piece in that political system, and we encourage our members to keep in close contact with their elected representatives.

We also stress the power of human connection. Through connecting to our fellow students and peers, by setting up coffee-dates with campus leaders, engaging in open dialogue with our peers, and cosponsoring events with other student groups, we aim to raise awareness and form invaluable relationships.

We believe that the campus is a place for healthy dialogue, and we are devoted to creating an atmosphere of tolerance at Columbia so that all students, and all opinions may be heard, both inside and outside of the classroom. Thus, we encourage opportunities for members of the campus community to express their opinions freely.

If you wish to learn more about issues relating to the Middle East or would like to help strengthen the America-Israel relationship, we encourage you to participate in LionPAC’s programs and initiatives.