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Israel Updates 10/6

Posted by Rebecca Glanzer on October 9, 2013 @ 1:50 pm

No More Prisoners-Release, say Likud MKs

An October 6 terrorist attack on a 9-year old girl in the West Bank settlement of Psagot sparked a wave of opposition from Likud and right-wing Ministers of Knesset against Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, sustained since their July 2013 launch. The Israeli government agreed to release 104 Palestinian Authority prisoners, many of whom were confirmed terrorists, as a precondition for resumed negotiations. Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon summarized the position of the opposition, arguing “anyone that backs terrorists cannot be called a negotiating partner.” Ministers have called for an end to prisoner releases, which will continue in three additional stages over the coming months.



Livni Delivers J Street Address

Justice Minister and Chief Peace Negotiator, Tzipi Livni, gave the keynote speech at the annual J Street Conference in Washington. Many Ministers of Knesset were also in attendance, an indication of the growing voice of the 5-year old organization in the United States and Israel.



Declassified: Dayan pushed Meir to use Nuclear Weapons

“I thought that since the situation is very bad, it would be worthwhile…that we prepare to show the nuclear option” – Dayan, 1973. According to an interview made public Thursday, Oct. 3, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan requested PM Golda Meir to consider using nuclear weapons against Israel’s attackers in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Meir promptly rejected this suggestion.



Nuclear Negotiations Limit Israel’s Options

A Time article has argued Israel has found itself backed into a corner as a result of Obama’s decision to open negotiations with Iranian President Rouhani. As long as the United States continues to pursue nuclear negotiations with Iran, Israel will be unable to use military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon without severely damaging the relationship between Israel its strongest ally, the United States.”



Natalie Portman Announces New Film

Natalie Portman is now directing and starring in an adaptation of Amos Oz’s novel A Tale of Love and Darkness, which will begin filming this January in Jerusalem. The Israeli born Oscar winner has decided the film will be in Hebrew.



Tel-Aviv’s Florentine to be Revamped with Community Center

The Tel-Aviv based architecture firm, L2, has won a competition for designing a new community center in Ha’aliyah Market. The new center in the up and coming Florentine neighborhood will include necessities such as swimming and sports centers.




New Baby Elephant!

On Wednesday October 2, Asian Elephant La Petite gave birth to a Baby Elephant at the Ramat Gan Safari. The baby joins a paddock of that now includes six elephants, including another baby born two months ago.