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Executive Board – Fall 2011

Posted by Shapiro Ron on April 17, 2011 @ 11:54 pm

Congratulations to the new LionPAC Executive Board!!  Here’s the list:

President – Eric Schorr
Vice President – Rachael Schulder
Secretary/Treasurer – Ilana Yablonovich
Hillel Liason – Cory Doliner
Research & Response – Ron Shapiro
Public Relations – Jonathan Huberman
Campus Affairs – Seffi Kogen
Academic Affairs – Ari Brickman
Political Affairs - Seren Gedallovich
Cultural Affairs – Jill Meltzer
Marketing – Tamara Roth
Past President – Michael Shapiro

Deputy Director of Research & Response – Hanna Flesh
Deputy Director of Academic Affairs - Nikki Press
Deputy Director of Political Affairs – Yael Wilner
Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs – Zach Javitt

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Executive Board – Spring 2011

Posted by michaelshapiro on December 10, 2010 @ 8:38 am

I’m excited to announce our new executive board and deputies for the upcoming semester. Congratulations to new e-board and deputies, and welcome back to returning members. If you are still interested in becoming a deputy please talk to me and the appropriate board member ASAP.

I also want to thank our board from this past semester for its incredible work, and a special thank you to our three outgoing members: Julianna Storch, Jenna Baldachin, and Ruthie Eisenberg. Also, congratulations to Julianna, who was recently elected to Hillel E-Board as Vice President of Community Relations. I also want to thank everyone else who has helped out LionPAC this semester. I hope you will maintain and increase your involvement in the coming semester and beyond. Continue reading…

Executive Board – Spring 2010

Posted by allisonbernstein on December 8, 2009 @ 6:48 pm

Dear LionPAC community,

We just wanted to take a minute and introduce our new executive board to you for next semester. Also, please see below for information about Hillel Executive Board elections.

Congrats to the new LionPAC Board:

President – Allison Bernstein
Vice President- Michael Shapiro
Political Affairs – Cory Doliner
Cultural Affairs – Julianna Storch
Campus Affairs – Yoav Oren
Marketing – Marc Rosenthal
Public Relations – Eric Schorr
Hillel Liaison – David Weltman
Academic Affairs – Ruthie Eisenberg
Secretary/Treasurer – Ilana Yablonovich
Tech Director- Ron Shapiro
Board Members at Large – Tamar Schiff, Jacob Shapiro

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